The Diamond Sutra: Transcending Merit
The Lotus Sutra
The New Testament teachings of Jesus Christ
Tao Te Ching
Taoist Classics (selected)
Chuang Tzu, 1-7
Hua Ching Ni, I Ching
The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch

The Secret Book of Awakening 1: Essays on Esoteric Religious Completion

The Lotus-Born, the Life Story of Padmasambhava
Lady of the Lotus-Born
Dakini Teachings
Advice from the Lotus-Born
Juniper Ridge
The Light of Wisdom, 1-6
As It Is, vol. 2
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The Essential Teachings of Zen Master Hakuin
Wild Ivy
The Embossed Tea Kettle/Talks on a Night Boat

texts from The Collected Tantras of the Ancients (Nyingma Gyubum)

Seven Line Prayer
In the northwest territory called the land of Orgyen,
Appearing from the center of a lotus formation,
Are Ye of wondrous siddhi and perfect endowment,
Lord Padmasambhava.
Throngs of dakinis surround you
As we join in your way practicing.
Remain we pray; please grant your blessings!

Pema Rigdzin's Lineage Prayer
To the Dharmakaya, the All Good One,
To Vajradhara,
To Vajrasattva,
To Garab Dorje,
To Manjushrimitra,
To Vimilamitra,
To Shri Simha,
To Padmakara,
To Mandarava,
To the Princess of Kharchen,
To the 108 treasure revealers,
And the root and lineage gurus,
To the pure vidyadhara/consort guru,
To the fifty herukas,
To the dharma-keeping dakinis,
And our lineage protectors:
Hear our request.

May we recognize dharmata
May direct awareness increase and reach its fullness
May we attain buddhahood in this very life.

The Great Surprise of Perfection


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