About The Lotus Organization:  We in The Lotus are 'up through Dzogchen' Buddhists. We believe in applying all nine levels of Buddhism—as outlined in many texts including the Lamrim Yeshe Nyingpo—in whatever manner is the optimum boon for the practitioner. Many of us are also Taoists and Christians, practicing the fast path of the core meaning, inseparable from the path of enlightenment as unveiled by the Buddha. In The Lotus we teach the mandala of the true self. Our masters include Vajradhara Kut-humi, who gave us the master blessing of Lovestream Energetic Awakening to help us open up and accelerate. Lovestream Energetic Awakening is particularly for practitioners of Vajrayana and Zen, the most well-known naturalness/spontaneousness schools. The Lotus Organization’s vajramasters are Sol Ta Triane and Sifu Clarity Pei-Ling Triane. The Lotus is the source for Lovestream programs, teachings, empowerments and energetics.

About Sol Ta Triane:  Sol was oddly interested in spirituality as a small child. He gained his connection with Jesus hearing the wisdom of Warner R. Cole from the pews of his childhood church in Detroit. He was a musician, successful inventor and marketing director. Leaving all that behind he focused only on the spiritual path, studying and receiving empowerment from Z. Luminaire, Lama Tharchin, Tulku Urgyen, Chokyi Nyima, Kunzan Dechen Lingpa and others. Sol received the original Lovestream empowerment and tutelage under Vajradhara Kut-humi, and in 1992 he helped found The Lotus Organization and the Lovestream Programs, creating a way for sharing the masters' teachings for intelligent people, one that points toward the absolute meaning of Buddha's 'enlightenment,' Christ's 'Kingdom of Heaven,' and the Original Taoist 'return.' For seven years he directed programs at the Lovestream Center in Albany, California. Next, he went on a seven-year retreat, then returned to teaching the Lovestream Programs and Empowerments. He has so far given over 6,000 trainings and empowerments (energetic awakenings) coming from the lineage of the lamb, the family where our natural-occurring great perfection is vivified and valued. Sol's plain English The Diamond Sutra: Transcending Merit  beckons those ready to enjoy the path of the inner teachings of masters of the wisdom of our potential.

About Sifu Clara Pei-Ling Triane (AKA Doctor Clarity):  Sifu Clarity is The Lotus' directing teacher and is likely to be found leading the Lovestream Interchange and giving guidance to individuals and groups at the numerous Lotus programs. She co-authored with Sol Ta Triane The Secret Book of Awakening 1: Essays on Esoteric Religious Completion  and The Diamond Sutra: Transcending Merit. Additionally, Doctor Clarity is a Board-certified family medicine physician who works as a dietary doctor. Dr. Clara P. Triane is also a physician with Hospice East Bay in Pleasant Hill, California. 

The Lotus Organization

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