Lovestream Essences of Nature System Plants and Flowers


Advanced Spiritual Work Using the Essences of Plants, Minerals and Celestial Bodies

by Sol Ta Triane

LENS Rocks jade

While in New Mexico in 1994, I had an experience that launched the Lovestream Essences of Nature System, also called ‘LENS’ for short. I was hiking alone in a mountain meadow where there were vast flowing ribbons of purple wildflowers. In samadhi, in a moment of reverie, I noticed that things were happening to and around me. In this state I could see the energy of the carpet of flowers, wild irises, converging into my body and then ascending upward into a group of spiritual beings along with my higher self. Although I had worked with essences of nature for years, I was amazed that something very different was occurring. The beings who were entraining my higher self explained that I was being taught a new potent way to work with the energy of flower essences. I was ordained to accomplish this with any essence. 


It may be asked who ordained this unusual spiritual activity. The teaching of LENS, the Lovestream Essences of Nature System, comes from the Master Kuthumi’s ashramic angelic group and my own wisdom on a soul level.


From then on I began collecting the essences of flowers and plants for the LENS system. As of today there are about three thousand natural plants and flowers in the Lovestream Essences of Nature System, as well as countless possible combinations and angelic synthetics. Two years later LENS was expanded to include Gemstone, Rock and Mineral essences, and not long after, the LENS Planet, Star and Cosmic Essences. 


Advanced spiritual people find Lovestream energetic awakening and LENS by intuition. With permission I give empowerment and mantras to some spiritual initiates. LENS is a new version of inner tantric spiritual work. By feeling what it is to be a particular flower, for example, some can transform into that state. It requires a non-manipulated state of awareness and flexibility of mind. One might ask, “How could I relate to a plant? How could I experience plantness instead of humanness?” To be upfront, only a bodhisattva can derive great benefit from the Lovestream Essences of Nature System; others might receive more conventional types of blessings.


What happens when one experiences an energetic awakening session of the Lovestream Essences of Nature System is that angels from Kuthumi’s ashram give an imprint of the energy of a particular plant, mineral or celestial body. They help incorporate that energy into the body and aura, and expand, strengthen and purify it. Normally, a highly aware person may notice the energetics of a plant in front of him: the plant is there, he is here, and their auras intermingle slightly. When using LENS the angelic energies are taking the essence of the plant, rock or planet, purifying any toxic elements, and then mixing it with proper potency into the recipient’s energy field. 


There are healing qualities within plants, minerals, even planets and stars. The LENS energies help to spiritualize the recipient’s body as an aid to realizing the meaning of meta-genius teachings—the esoteric teachings including termas, Dzogchen, beatitudes, Tao Te Ching, advaita (non-duality), tantras, Zen—more deeply and quickly. Also, if a particular energy isn’t something that would be of benefit, or if in fact the energies of certain flowers, gemstones or planets would be inappropriate or not indicated, the wisdom within the LENS angels can automatically ascertain that and make any corrections, including deleting the request to perform the energy work. The Lovestream Essences of Nature System has the discriminating wisdom to know the difference between something that would harm or help a person. 


For example, poison oak is in LENS, but it couldn’t make the recipient itch. The Lovestream Essences of Nature System is not going to give people the poisonous quality, but it could even help them to overcome hypersensitivity. 


When someone enters a profound spiritual path, Lovestream energetic awakening precedes LENS. One must be able to receive the basic Lovestream empowerments and have a relationship with one’s higher self (which is a more honest level of oneself) before being considered for LENS. LENS is equally advanced to Lovestream in the sense that a person needs to have a concise connection to their wisdom nature to engage in an activity that requires a highly sensitized and multi-dimensional awareness. Somebody who received Lovestream energy work, opened up initially and then closed back tightly won’t be able to understand LENS. Only bodhisattva-level initiates should be given the LENS empowerments. Just as one wouldn’t hand a child a heavy bag of groceries that he isn’t strong enough to carry, one wouldn’t want to give someone who lacks a robust wisdom something he can’t handle or use properly. 


Skilled practitioners can use LENS in an advanced or a more utilitarian way. Either way, they follow the directions exactly regarding how to perform the energetic awakening. Some hold more to a conceptual idea of what LENS is supposed to do, whereas advanced practitioners opens to the meditative, luminous qualities of the energies to which they are being introduced as an awakening experience. This energy awareness is the practice of neigong, or naikan. Some people cling to an idea that they are doing some sort of clinical work when they practice LENS. It can be done that way, but the point is that not every practitioner is aware of LENS’ potential for anuttara samyak sambodhi, inconceivable complete awakening. 


On higher levels LENS is considered a subsidiary empowerment. From a perspective of the masters it is an adjunct to suchness/higher self empowerment. If one has only a moderately opened understanding of one’s higher self, one could sometimes still receive the LENS empowerment and use it to help open one’s awareness to some degree and expand one’s healing capacities. However, one who has a deeper understanding can use it as a tantric tool to reach the end of learning.


If you would like to experience the energetic awakening of the Lovestream Essences of Nature System, you may enjoy attending a Lovestream Interchange. For additional information please contact The Lotus Organization. 

Lovestream Essences of Nature System Minerals

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