Awaken Your Energy

Lovestream Touch Energetic Awakening is a powerful way to balance and increase the flow of energy in the body and to open to the experience of universal love. It helps to purify the meridians and chakras, or energy pathways and centers, within the body. Lovestream Touch harmonizes the chi or prana, the vital energy of the entire body, in a manner similar to acupuncture but without needles or physical manipulation. Penetrating to the core of the energy field, Lovestream Touch reaches places that can't be touched by these other modalities. 

Lovestream Touch triggers the potential for spiritual awakening. It is calming and soothing; simultaneously it is rejuvenating and invigorating. The blessing of Lovestream Touch allows people to experience more bliss, peace and fulfillment. Entering this profound field of graceful energy can help people to actualize their innate higher potential. 

For thousands of years esoteric schools of the East have known how to work with the subtle energy of the physical body, affecting the nadis and bindus, the various energy channels and points of the etheric body. Today these ancient secrets of purification and balancing are again being revealed through the Lovestream Touch programs. This is the science of energetic transformation as it was precisely taught to the American founder of The Lotus Organization, Sol Ta Triane. 

The quality of this energetic awakening is very advanced, yet Lovestream Touch is easy to learn. During a three-hour workshop, a certified Lovestream Touch Teacher gives an energetic attunement to the participants. Energy attunement is a shortcut to learning: it is a beautiful and complex process in which the practitioner's body and aura are automatically entrained to do Lovestream Touch. In the workshop participants practice using Lovestream Touch on themselves and others, and subsequently they are able to perform this hands-on energy work whenever they wish. They may also receive written certification signifying their training as a Lovestream Touch Practitioner. 

Here's what people are saying about Lovestream Touch:

"For the first time in my life I was able to experience being connected to everyone and everything."

"The attunement felt like an overwhelming shower of blissful and purifying energy."

"Very relaxing. Touched something deep inside. Moved to tears of recognition."

"The attunement gave me the peace I have been looking for. I felt a cloud lifting." 

"I left the session feeling clear, centered, balanced, relaxed, refreshed, and renewed."

To request that a Lovestream Touch workshop be given in your area, please contact The Lotus Organization. 

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