tao te ching

translated by Sol Ta Triane


The ‘tao’ that is talked about is not Tao. 
Names or words can’t describe Tao. 
Out of that which is inconceivable 
There arises a field
From which appear heaven, earth,
And the ten thousand things. 

In clarity, one may fathom the mystery of creation;
In clinging, one wrestles creation’s machinations.
These modes, clarity and conflict, arise of the same source.
Although experienced, 
What happens remains unknown.
Solving the mystery of this unknown
One enters the gateway of all meaning. 

(Synopsis: We, whether wise or ignorant, are in essence an arising out of Wisdom Deity/Dharmakaya/God. Lao Tsu proffers that we have the potential to penetrate this Great Mystery.)

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